Aug 29, 2014
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UPA Style

Tuesday, August 26, 2014 - 09:45 AM

In the process of making Stripped, we wanted to create a faux 1950's instructional video to explain how the business of comics worked in newspapers. That, of course, required some period-appropriate illustrations. So I tried to mimic the famous (and sometimes famously bad) UPA style.

Anyway...I had so much fun drawing that way, that I thought we'd take a little diversionary stroll this week in Sheldon. It's a super freeing style to draw in: It's actually taught me a few things, just in trying it out.

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Salt Lake Here I Come!

Monday, August 25, 2014 - 10:56 AM

For the FIRST TIME EVER, I'm coming to Salt Lake City, giving out free sketches at the huge new Comic Con, Sept 4-6! I'll of course be bringing all the Sheldon and Drive books/posters, as well as the Stripped DVDs and posters. But what I'm really bringing? ...Is friendship.

I know there's a lot of Sheldon readers in and around SLC, so I really really want to ask you to come out! This would be a fun show to come back to year after year, and you can make that happen! Vote with your feet and come say hi!

To sweeten the pot, there's a FREE SCREENING of my film Stripped for all SLCC attendees, on Saturday at noon.

Oh! And if you ever had your eye on a Sheldon original, e-mail me the date/description, and I'll bring it along! I always knock $25 off originals at shows.

Get your convention pass now, and see you in SLC!

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Stripped on Amazon!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014 - 04:34 PM

For those of you that love Amazon and that sweet, sweet free Prime shipping, great news: My film STRIPPED is now on Amazon!

The DVD features the full-length documentary (Voted "Best Documentary" at Comic-Con...just sayin'), the full Directors' Commentary, and a bonus, 83-minute interview with Jim Davis of Garfield. Look, I'm not great on math, but I'm pretty sure that adds up to over a BILLION HOURS of content. Pretty sweet deal!

OR! You can also get it...

1.) Direct from us! With over 25 hours of full interviews!
2.) iTunes and iTunes Canada!
3.) Google Play!
4.) The super cool folks at Topatoco!

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