Jul 15, 2007
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Navigating the Sheldon Site

Sunday, July 15, 2007 - 04:52 PM

From your recent e-mails, I've figured out that there are some new/old readers who don't know how to navigate through the Sheldon strip archives. So! A quick primer!

The blue arrows -- located directly below the comic -- work much like a VCR/DVD/Music player. If you wish to go to the previous day's toon, hit the < button. If you wish to go all the way back to the first toon, hit the << button. To go forward a day... >; to jump to today's strip... >>.

To navigate to a specific date in the archives, just click the blue "Archives" button...also right below the strip.

And (most fun of all), if you want to jump around the archives at random, click the blue "Random Strip" button. (Try this a few times. Seriously. It's fun.)

Have a minute to spare for some extra awesomeness? Take the Sheldon Audio Tour. It's pretty fun, and shows you the better nooks 'n crannies of the site.

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Does your city dig Sheldon?

Sunday, July 15, 2007 - 03:35 PM

Just for fun, I thought I'd share with you the top five cities in the world, in terms of Sheldon readers:

1.) London

2.) Seattle

3.) Los Angeles

4.) Chicago

5.) San Fran

I was kinda fascinated to see that London produces more readers than NYC, LA, SF, or Chicago...and that Seattle is number two! Who would've guessed?!

And for those wondering...

City #236?

Yep, it's Walla Walla, Washington.

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