Aug 21, 2007
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A few quick blog notes...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007 - 11:45 AM

1.) "62% More Awesome" will officially be going on sale tomorrow!

2.) Sunday's book party was fantastic. I'll be putting up a full write-up with pics later today...but for now: fantastic. We had 150-to-200 people show up over the course of the night -- including two Sheldonistas who drove two hours to get there! Good times!

3.) Happy Leaf Studios has created another awesome video from the Saturday-only Storyline strips. Check it out, here: here!

4.) The Sheldon transcription project has officially completed! Woo-hoo! All the archives are transcribed and entered -- which means you can search for your favorite strips using word snippets, phrases, or favorite punchlines. Give it a try, here. (...points for the first person to e-mail me with the funniest search and/or search result.)

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