Sep 7, 2007
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Friday, September 7, 2007 - 08:06 AM

In case you haven't checked it out yet, Scott Kurtz, Brad Guigar, Kris Straub, and myself have launched an ambitious weekly podcast filled with comics shop talk -- the how-to and pro-tip stuff you can't find anyplace else.

Every cartooning instruction book and how-to out there is focused on "getting your strip into the whiz-bang world of newspapers", which is great, if you live in 1975. But the future of comic strip cartooning is online, and there's a scarcity of information out there on how to make the art and business aspects work.

So this weekly podcast will be our answer to that void: shop talk and tips from four cartoonists making their living online.

You can follow the RSS here.


So far, we've recorded three episodes. Check 'em out:

Episode Three: How to legally protect your work, picking the appropriate resolution for your scanned work and more tips and tricks.

Episode Two: What happens when someone doesn't "get" your joke. How to get new readers. Tips and Tricks.

Episode One: Brad Guigar, Dave Kellett, Kris Straub and Scott Kurtz outline their new weekly podcast about the ins-and-outs of making comics for the web.

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