Dec 11, 2007
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Glornaks are Shippin'!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007 - 11:32 PM

Good news for everyone who ordered Glornak stickers from the store:

Both the clear-vinyl and black-vinyl versions arrived on Monday, and 99.99% of pre-orders have been sent out to Sheldonistas! If you were waiting for these puppies to arrive before you ordered, now's your chance! (...they came out pretty sweet, I have to say.)

Head over to the store and pick up yours...

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Thanks to a friend....

Tuesday, December 11, 2007 - 11:40 AM

Among all the hubbub for the new book, I would be remiss if I didn't thank my friend, Katherine, for her excellent design touches on the cover — it came out beautifully.

Katherine and I used to work together at Mattel. And in my 8 years there, I got the chance to work with some of the most amazingly talented creatives I could imagine...but I don't think I ever met a designer as naturally gifted as Katherine. She never ceases to amaze me with her talent.

Like myself, she's out of Mattel now, having moved to Texas to start a design studio and a clothing company.

If you get a chance, check them out: Katherine's not only super talented, she's super cool as well.

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