Dec 12, 2007
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10 Artist Editions Still Available

Wednesday, December 12, 2007 - 04:24 PM


10 unsold Artist's Editions of "A Blizzard of Lizard" will be going on sale Thursday at 12 PM (noon) PST in the store.


For reasons you can well imagine, I pay very close attention to the store's automatic inventory count of Artist's Editions. I never want them to oversell, since they exist in a limited number. But this time around, I paid *too* close attention, fiddled with the software system, and, as I'm now just realizing, ended up with 10 unsold copies.

Here's what happened: 10 Sheldonistas paid for their Artist's Editions using an "e-check", which take about a week to clear. I was under the impression that the store software wouldn't count those 10 purchases as a "completed sale" until the e-check cleared, and so manually adjusted the inventory count down by 10. Only now do I realize that was unnecessary, and that the software had taken them into accounnt.

So, I have 10 Artist's Editions left, including the highly-coveted #250 (with the extra-cool, detailed sketch).

To be fair to the 45 or so folks who had e-mailed me asking if there were any left, I've decided to give a public notice, then put them on sale at a pre-announced time. So on Thursday at 12 PM PST, I'll be putting these last ten up for sale in the store.

My apologies for any inconvenience!

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