Jan 17, 2008
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Sheldon Appearances Added

Thursday, January 17, 2008 - 10:24 AM

I've updated the appearance list on the left, there, to include two recent additions.

The first, in late June, is the American Library Association Conference in Anaheim. I'm curious and very excited to exhibit at a librarian conference, as this year I'm really going to make a push to get Sheldon books into more libraries. Plus, librarians are secretly awesome to hang out with. Hopefully, I'll be able to exhibit with my buddies Bill and Gene of the comic strip, Unshelved, as that would make it a laughter-filled show.

The second one added to the list is the Baltimore Comic-Con in September, where I'll be attending with my fellow cartoonists from Halfpixel. I'm really looking forward to this one, since our jointly-authored book should be out in a month or so, and a combined appearance will be especially fun.

Hope you can come out!

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The Coolest Coffee Shop

Thursday, January 17, 2008 - 10:14 AM

Since I left Mattel and starting working in my studio, there are many days when I find myself alone for long, long stretches of time. Which, after a bustling, creative corporate center, is weird.

Recently, I discovered the coolest little coffee shop in the nearby town of El Segundo. And for some odd reason, my productivity shoots up there. Being around people again, hearing the pitter-patter of conversations around you... it's amazing what a difference that can make. I can crank out a Sheldon strip in just over two hours, which is great! The 48 coffees I buy probably help.

So today, I added a silly little button to the site (down a bit, on the left). If, a few months from now, a toon particularly makes you laugh, you can throw a nickel in the "Buy A Caffeine-Addicted Cartoonist a Coffee" Fund. It contributes to the next day's strip, aaaaand to a cartoonist's caffeine-induced sweating! :)

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