Apr 20, 2008
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Monday's Guest Artist: Kris Straub of "Starslip Crisis"

Sunday, April 20, 2008 - 09:04 PM

We're starting off the Guest Artist Week in fine form, with my good friend Kris Straub takin' the reins. Kris is, honestly speaking, one of the most talented and prolific artists I've ever met. And his take on "Sheldon," today, made me laugh out loud. It's a strip I wish *I* would've written... and that's saying something.

Please do yourself favor and check out Kris' fantastic daily sci-fi comic, Starslip Crisis, or his new one-shot-gag strip, chainsawsuit.

And hey, let's make the Guest Artists know they're appreciated! If you liked today's strip, make sure you thank Kris by clicking this link to send him a li'l note!

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