Apr 22, 2008
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Wednesday's Guest Artist: Paul Taylor of "Wapsi Square"

Tuesday, April 22, 2008 - 09:25 PM

I love Paul Taylor's skills as a draughtsman and a cartoonist. He has one of the most masterful control of "line" that I've ever seen. Every artist, no matter how well they draw or how developed they find their own style to be...all of them have another artist out there who they're envious of. And boy-howdy, I'm envious of Paul's drawing ability. Whenever I get the chance to watch him draw, I feel like a kid who has so much more to learn.

Look at today's strip! The childlike sweetness implied by the camera angle in panel 3 is something I never would've thought to use. Genius! And Flaco and Arthur's facial expressions convey so much throughout the strip with such wonderful eye design. I even love Paul's take on Gramp's lumpy head and body shape — it's such a cool take on the character design!

You've no doubt heard of Paul from his thoroughly excellent strip Wapsi Square, and if you haven't, then head over there now to check it out!

And don't forget to drop Paul a li'l note to thank him for his Guest Artist strip, today! All these cartoonists freely gave of their time and trouble to entertain us all (...and allowing me more time with my new baby). So please help me thank them!

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