Jun 10, 2008
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Who doesn't like kind words?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008 - 02:24 PM

Every once in a while, I'll type "" into Google or Technorati, and see what folks are saying about the strip on their blogs.

Today, I read one of the nicest li'l write-ups on the strip I've ever seen. It's over here, if'n you'd like to read it.

I suppose I don't mention it much, but I should: If you're enjoying the strip, one of the kindest things you can do is mention it to friends online or offline, or take a minute to mention it in your blog or favorite forums. You might think a few kind words don't make a difference, but you'd be amazed: I bet most of you found Sheldon from a friend or from another site kindly linking in.

And in the meantime, thanks to Blake for the kind write-up!

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Sheldon's Big Ol' Honkin' Glasses

Tuesday, June 10, 2008 - 09:50 AM

Is it odd that Sheldon's asleep in his glasses?

For that matter, have we ever seen Sheldon *out* of his glasses? You'd think I'd know...but I genuinely can't recall after all these years. My strong guess is "no," but I may be wrong.

If you do know of such strip in the archives, then by all means share the link in the comments! I'm just as curious as everyone else! :)

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