Nov 3, 2008
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Feedback on Sunday's "Grilling with e. coli" Strip

Monday, November 3, 2008 - 07:23 AM

Sheldonista Dwight H. sent in an awesome e-mail after reading Sunday's strip:

"Concerning yummy burgers from a grill that's never cleaned -- there is a "restaurant" in Memphis called Dyer's (an appropriate name, you'll see) that has been in business over 75 years. Their specialty is deep fried burgers (just the meat, to be totally clear). No, that's not the killer part (well, yes, but it gets better/much worse). The killer part is that they deep fry the burgers in a big kettle of grease that has NEVER BEEN CHANGED in over 75 YEARS. They just top it off a bit if needed (probably not often, since the grease from the burgers adds to it). They just throw the patties in and they sink -- when they're done they rise to the top. I became aware of this a few years back from a newspaper article on them moving from their original location -- they were treating "moving the kettle" like they were shifting King Tut's collection. I can imagine a sample of that grease would contain an array of concentrated carcinogens unequaled by even the most outrageous of toxic waste dumps."

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