Jan 12, 2009
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Pics from around the world...

Monday, January 12, 2009 - 08:50 PM

There are a lot of photos to catch up on from Sheldonistas, so let's dive in!

Angelo A. from Brazil sends in this pic, saying "Sheldon has definitely taken root in Brazil." (I just love that it's shelved next to Virgil! I also love that he has a copy of the [now very rare] college collection of my cartoons, "A Well Balanced Meal"!)

Sheldonista Abby H. sends in a pic of her husband, showin' off his new Glornak sticker...

Sheldonista Jodi T. sends in a pic of her husband Jim, who hit the jackpot of gifts, with Pugs, Nerds and an original!

Here's a pic of Clayton N. unwrapping the entire Sheldon book collection...

Sheldonista Andres G. from Switzerland sent in his translation of a recent Sheldon strip...and I thought it fun to show you a panel of it...

After the recent Shakespeare storyline, Sheldonista Corey H. and her mom sent in this pic at the rebuilt Globe theatre. When they were there, Corey says "I turned to my mother and whispered, "Didst thou just write the word rootie-toot-zoot-zootie in mine script?" to which my mother replied, "Made it up. Shakespeare. Bam." Awesome.

Thanks to all for sending in your pics and stories! Keep them coming!

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