Feb 18, 2009
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Webcomics Weekend! I'll be there!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 - 08:57 PM

Big news for folks in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, & New York: On March 21st, a veritable "Monsters of Webcomics" will descend on Easthampton, MA for the first-ever Webcomics Weekend.

Originally conceived as a symposium for pro webcartoonists, the event has ballooned into a massive, open-to-the-public book signing/talks/studio tours/sketch fest/art showing and more. I'll talk more about it next week, but for now, block out the 21st in your schedule. Just look at this guest list!

Bill Barnes - Unshelved
Andrew Bell - Creatures in My Head
Sam Brown - Exploding Dog
Jorge Cham - Piled High & Deeper
Steven Cloud - Boy on a Stick and Slither
Danielle Corsetto - Girls With Slingshots
Rob DenBleyker - Cyanide and Happiness
Rene Engstrom - Anders Loves Maria
Meredith Gran - Octopus Pie
KC Green - Gun Show, Horribleville
Brad Guigar - Evil, Inc.
Chris Hastings - Dr. McNinja
Jeph Jacques - Questionable Content
Scott Kurtz - PvP
Dave Kellett - Sheldon! Woo-hoo!
Vincent LaBate - Kittyhawk
David Malki! - Wondermark
David McGuire - Gastrophobia
Randy Milholland - Something Positive
Eric Millikin - Fetus X
Ryan North - Dinosaur Comics
Jon Rosenberg - Goats
Jeffrey Rowland - Wigu, Overcompensating
Ryan Sohmer - Least I Could Do
Paul Southworth - Ugly Hill
R. Stevens - Diesel Sweeties
Kris Straub - Starslip, Chainsawsuit
Zach Weiner - Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
David Willis - Shortpacked
Kris Wilson - Cyanide and Happiness
Chris Yates - Reprographics
Jeff Zugale - Just a Bit Off

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