Mar 2, 2010
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Come, my friends, let us high-five at these conventions!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010 - 10:05 AM

The comic convention season is startin' up, muchachos, and I have some cool conventions coming up in the next few weeks. So let's talk about them! More importantly, let's meet up at them, and exchange suitably hip high-fives!

SEATTLE: Emerald City Comicon!

Emerald City is pretty much my favorite convention all year. And Seattle -- and Seattlites -- are a special kind of awesome. Looking at my server logs, there's an inordinately huge "Sheldon" readership in that part of the world, so this convention is like coming home, for me. I love it: You gotta come.

When: March 13-14
Where: Wash. State Conv. Center
Booth: 102
Exhibiting With: Halfpixel! Kris, Brad, and Scott.
Link: ECCC show site

CALGARY: Calgary Comic Expo!

Anytime I talk to someone about the Calgary show, they have nothing but awesome things to say about it. And it's growing and growing every year. But, the SINGLE GREATEST THING about this show? It'll be my first appearance in Canada ever! Ever! And who knows how often I'll be able to get up you best come out and say "hi"!

When: April 24-25
Where: Roundup Centre
Booth: (Don't know yet!)
Exhibiting With: Halfpixel! Kris, and Brad
Link: Calgary show site

Note: With huge apologies, I had to cancel my San Francisco Wondercon appearance due to two family-schedule conflicts! I'm incredibly sorry about that: Next year, I'll be there! Promise!

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Awesome-Off, Revisited

Tuesday, March 2, 2010 - 09:47 AM

Sheldonista Mindy S. wrote in regarding the recent Awesome-Off strips (ONE, TWO, THREE):

My sister insisted that I email you and tell you we had a "spontaneous awesome-off" in her kitchen the other night and my ankle "popped".....into place! I had had a limp for a few days and I've been HEALED by the awesome-off!

I love it -- thanks, Mindy!

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