Mar 24, 2010
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Read "Drive" Archives in Order

Wednesday, March 24, 2010 - 07:15 AM

There's a new way to read "Drive".

We're still working on the full-function, separate site for Drive...but a lot of you have been asking for a way to easily read the strips in order.

And you know what? You're right. It's a long-form story, with a prologue that takes place 143 years before the main story, has a mix of historical "documents" thrown in, and a bunch of other stuff that just needs its own webspace to live.

So! Thanks to the kindness and brilliance of resident Sheldon tech guru Phillip Karlsson, we now have a separate sub-directory for Drive.

The new site will replace this, once it comes online...but in the meantime, it's a great way to read the strip:


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