Jul 19, 2010
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Info for San Diego Attendees

Sunday, July 18, 2010 - 09:03 PM

(Reposting this, for those attending San Diego Comic-Con this week...)

San Diego Comic-Con is here, and I want to share three things with attendees:

1.) First up: The Sheldon guide to the show. Click HERE for a big, printable version you can take with you.

2.) All Sheldon original art is 20% off at the show. But! You have to e-mail me now to tell me which strips you want me to bring. Do it now before you forget!

3.) This year, we'll have five items new to the show: The Literature book, the Drive book, the "Coffee: Circle of Life" print, the "Fantasy Football vs D&D" print, and an exclusive Sheldon/Dante print only available in San Diego to the first 50 takers.

We'll also have the other 8 books, all the prints, buttons, Glornak stickers, and FREE SKETCHES for everybody.

Here are the two books premiering at the show:

And here are the three prints -- the last of which is the San Diego exclusive:

The last print will be numbered "# of 50", signed, and can feature any sketch you'd like added to it.

So! Booth #1228! Print out the Sheldon guide, above! And e-mail me right away if you wanted a specific piece of original art!


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Saturday, July 17, 2010 - 01:05 AM

Just a heads up: Next week Drive goes on hiatus while I'm in San Diego. But in two weeks: We Drive it up again, my friends...we Drive it up again.

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