Aug 16, 2010
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Grammar Girl

Monday, August 16, 2010 - 09:36 PM

Oh, "Garage Sale," when did you become the catch-all phrase for any sale of cheap &*^%$ at the front of our house, whether it be of the lawn-, driveway-, or indeed garage-variety?

For those not familiar with the reference, Grammar Girl is Mignon Fogarty's awesome blog on the more idiosyncratic parts of the English language. I highly recommend it: It's a fun, interestin' read on language 'n learnin' 'n lingual luminations. <--This sentence would get me in trouble over there.

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"Drive" Is One Year Old!

Sunday, August 15, 2010 - 12:55 PM

In fun news, Drive -- our Saturday SciFi featurette -- turns one this week!

I really want to thank you guys for letting me try this new experiment: The encouragement has meant a lot. When I started drawing Drive, I gave myself permission to "fail spectacularly," as I had never done anything like this before. It was SciFi, it was long-form story-telling, it was a whole new layout and approach. But thankfully, it seems to be working so far...and the response that you've given it has been very encouraging. At Comic-Con, for example, the Drive book outsold all the other Sheldon books combined -- which I take as a great vote of confidence!

And since we're at the one-year mark, I thought it'd be fun to look at some Drive-related highlights from the year. Stuff like this awesome turnaround of the Machito, created by Robert Maxwell:

Drive - Machito from Robert Maxwell on Vimeo.

...orrrrr this flyby of La Invencible that Robert also created:

Drive - The Emporer's Ship from Robert Maxwell on Vimeo.

Also courtesy of Robert, a free Drive-themed desktop for your computer monitor. Click HERE for the 1920x1080-pixels image that can be cropped or resized to your pleasure.

Another amazing, amazing Drive featurette, produced by Dan Taubert, is really one of my personal highlights for the year. It just came out so gets *me* excited about Drive:

DRIVE Animation from Dan Taubert on Vimeo.

Dan also sent along this big, HD-version of the emperor's ship, La Invencible. Check out the much bigger image by CLICKING HERE.

(And if you'd like to see Dan's process for creating that visualization, you can check out his website here.)

A few months back, I put up a temporary Drive site so that folks could read the full archives in order. But we're makin' progress on the full Drive site. Here's a sneak peek of the work-in-progress:

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