Oct 4, 2013
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Come watch me draw, live, for 24 Hours hey sure cool why not

Friday, October 4, 2013 - 01:58 AM

This Saturday-Sunday, from 8AM PST to 8AM PST, I'm going to draw continuously for 24 hours. And you can watch, live, HERE!

24-Hour Comics Day was originally conceived by Scott McCloud, as a dare to finish a complete comic book in 24 hours. But as a comic strip cartoonist, the best approximation for what I to just complete as many strips as I can in 24 hours.

I'll have two cameras streaming the process: A big closeup shot of the current drawing in progress...and a picture-in-picture showing me grimacing and/or laughing maniacally as I draw it in hour 23. You can ask questions in the "chat" stream on the right, too.

Joining me in the studio for all 24 hours will be Fred Schroeder...and for big chunks of the day we'll have visits from David Malki, Ryan North, Kevin McShane, and Jorge Cham.

So drop by the livestream! Say hi!

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