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Welcome! Pull up a chair. Let us tell you about it.

See, Sheldon is this weird, wonderful little strip...with geeky characters, all-ages storylines, and lots of pop-culture nerdiness. At its center is this odd little family: A boy, his duck, and the grandfather that raises them both. Take a second to meet the characters, below, then dive into the strip!

The Cast

Sheldon: He's a ten-year-old kid who earned billions with his own software company: Sheldonsoft. Though his huge riches occasionally tempt him into buying something frivolous like, say, Panama, Sheldon remains pretty much a normal kid. (Although he does go into little nerd comas over anything sci-fi.)
Arthur: Arthur learned to talk when Sheldon downloaded some speech-recognition software into his head. He's been trouble ever since. Sarcastic and cocky, Arthur's constantly getting into trouble with his overblown ego and delusions of grandeur.

Gramp: Sheldon is raised by his grandfather, a warm-hearted guy who's not quite sure what to make of his grandson's billions. Now retired, Gramp's main hobbies are drinking coffee, and thinking about the next coffee he's going to drink.

Oso: Sheldon's wild 'n woolly pug, Oso will sleep on most any surface when he's not actively destroying the house. Like most pugs, Oso is two enchiladas short of the combo plate.
Dante: Sheldon's not-too-bright friend Dante is up for most any adventure...but chooses to spend most of his time sketching away, and pining for the life of an artist.

Flaco: Though a lizard, Flaco is Arthur's adopted son, after a mistaken egg-hatching. He doesn't talk in anything other than "squees," yet is a unique sort of adventurous, excitable, brilliant dude.

Emily:Emily is Sheldon's new neighbor, who loves theater and musicals of all types. More than anything else, she's a sucker for her cat, Lil' Butter.
Lil' Butter: Lil' Butter has a unique ability to get himself in physical danger, just by sheer stupidity. Again and again and again. But Emily still loves him.
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