Movin' House!

Sunday, June 30, 2013 - 10:22 PM

I wanted to let you all know that the Sheldon and Drive sites have moved to new servers.

What does this mean for you? Hopefully nothing, in terms of reading and enjoying the sites. All the archived strips will have the same links, the navigation and site design are all staying the same, and the strips themselves aren't changing in any way.

There will two noticeable changes, though:

1.) The forum system is changing to Disqus, as the old one was A.) Specific to the coding on the old host, and B.) Getting a bit creaky around the edges. I've really liked the look and feel of Disqus' real-time conversations, so I'm excited to use it. Feel free to check out how it works, here, by following along with the gray text boxes that pop up.

2.) The coding for the Sheldon and Drive stores was very specific to the old host, so I'm probably going to move them to Shopify or a similar service. But in the meantime, the stores are offline for everything except Sheldon Original Art purchases.

3.) The RSS feed will be changing (so please grab the new feed!)

4.) For those getting the strip via e-mail: There is the possibility of hiccups for the first week or so, as we get things ironed out. Please forgive any missed strips, ahead of time!

In fact, as with any server move, there will undoubtedly be a half-dozen things that break during the first week. If you spot anything, do let me know below, via Disqus, or e-mail me direct, at

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