The Lesson for the Day

Wednesday, May 23, 2007 - 12:43 PM

Today I learned that I shouldn't mention broad, almost rhetorical desires to watch an episode of a particular show...

Because 900 people will then e-mail you digital copies of said show, or links to digital copies of said show, or offer to mail you CD/DVDs with copies of said show.

My apologies.

It really, really wasn't my intent to have everyone send me that last episode. Now that I know it's available at the iTunes store, I think I can swing the $2 to pay for it. But the lesson I learned is, Sheldon readers are pretty darn nice...and will respond with kindness at even a slight request for help.

So thank you for that! It's good to know that if a nerd is in need, fellow nerds will rise to the occassion.

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