San Diego Comic-Con & Exclusives!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017 - 12:09 PM

Here's everything you need to know for SHELDON and DRIVE at SDCC!

I'll be there all five days, giving out free sketches and high fives. And along with all the books and posters, I'll have FOUR SDCC Exclusives, this year: A Drive crew pin, two pug pins, and a coaster set!*

I'll also have original comic strip art, for $30 off -- but make sure you E-MAIL ME HERE to make sure I bring the specific one you want!

*(Can't make it to the show, but want to snag the exclusives? If you're a Drive or Sheldon Patreon supporter, you can snag 'em right now at those links! Join us on Patreon, support the comics, and get access to con exclusives!)

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