Friends! I'm Kickstarting the next Drive book!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018 - 12:13 PM

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Friends! If you like the sweet, goofy humor of SHELDON, might I recommend you try my sci-fi comic, DRIVE? I'm Kickstarting the new DRIVE book right now, and this is *great* chance to get books 1 and 2!

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(...and if you're overseas, it's also the lowest global shipping prices I've ever had -- so add in those SHELDON books!)

DRIVE is a mix of serious, epic sci-fi (like DUNE) and goofy, joy-filled humor (like HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE). The Post-Standard review says "The story is serious...the characters are hilarious."

I hope you'll join me for it! It already funded in hours -- so we're on to the amazing stretch goals, adding fun stuff to everyone's book!

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Thanks friends!

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