Wednesday, June 6, 2007 - 02:17 PM

As my poor wife can attest, my brain often seizes on a made-up word, witticism, or song...and repeats it ad nauseum until I've come up with a new made-up word, witticism, or song to replace it. I'm a bit manic that way.

When I was down in Texas, visiting fellow cartoonists Scott and Kris, the word that happened to be stuck in my brain was "Snap-a-doo."

Casual use went something like this:

"Hey Kellett, wanna go get some pancakes?


"Hey Kellett, here's that five bucks I owe you."


It's one of those all-purpose words that mean everything and nothing, depending on the inflection you give it. In any case, I used it a lot in Texas.

Kris tells me the word has now infected their conversation, to the point that they now imagine it to be my Shazam summoning word. Hence, this little caricature of me by Kris:

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