48 Hours Left to Get My New Books!

Tuesday, September 8, 2020 - 03:13 PM

Friends! I'm Kickstarting two new books at NewSheldonBook.com!
Help these books into the world, AND save $10 by getting them in the Kickstarter vs. later on! Just 48 hours: JOIN US!

Check out these stretch goals we've unlocked:

  • [UNLOCKED!] 432 pages! We added 32 pages to your books!
  • [UNLOCKED!] Super unique cover! Features "French Flaps" with expanded artwork and interior printing
  • [UNLOCKED!] Protective covering for your books!
  • [GETTING CLOSE] Every physical book gets a free eBook of Drive: Act 1!
  • [ALMOST THERE] Every physical book gets 3 free eBooks of my Eisner-nominated humor books: Coffee, Literature, and Anatomy of Authors!
  • [BIG FINALE:] Every physical book gets a free eBook of my *super rare* college collection, "A Well Balanced Meal"

Help bring these books into the world by claiming your copy now at NewSheldonBook.com!

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