ComicLab Podcast: Brad Guigar is a TikTok Star!

Thursday, June 10, 2021 - 12:22 PM


One of his TikTok videos goes viral — and Brad spends the next two weeks getting very, very distracted.


Today is a great time to bump up your ComicLab membership to the $10 tier! Starting in June, $10 Patreon backers will get exclusive access to livestream recording sessions — and an archive of previous livestreams! This week, exactly one week after Brad lectures on the dangers of getting distracted, one of his TikTok videos goes viral — and he spends the next two weeks... getting very, very distracted,

Questions asked and topics covered...

  • Going viral with a TikTok video
  • What does TikTok mean for comics
  • Pre orders vs Kickstarter
  • When is it right to take the leap to full-time comics?
  • Where to find a creative day job
  • Gifting a Wacom to a young artist?

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Brad Guigar is the creator of Evil Inc and the editor of Dave Kellett is the creator of Sheldon and Drive.

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