Noodle the Pug

Wednesday, October 27, 2021 - 08:59 AM

Today's comic is something I haven't done in ages: FAN ART.

Folks who read this comic know my pug character Oso was based on my family's real-life pug, Payaso. So pugs are near and dear to my heart. And so Jonathan Graziano's morning updates with his pug Noodle have been a dang delight. (For those that haven't seen it: Every day on TikTok, he wakes up his 13-year old pug and stands him up. If Noodle stays upright, it's a Bones Day. If he flops back down in bed, a No Bones Day. Here's a fun example:
Anyway, it's all silly and delightful, and it makes my heart happy, and I wanted to draw Noodle. So there you go!

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