Meet Caitlin Like!

Friday, April 21, 2023 - 09:53 AM


As you may remember from Monday’s blog post… my wonderful colorist and studio assistant, Beth Reidmiller will be out for a 6-month maternity leave until October. It’s very exciting!

And while she's out, we have four all-star artists stepping in to color Sheldon. I've already introduced you to Cat Farris and Ripley LaCross. Today, I’d like you to meet CAITLIN LIKE -- who colored the Irish Goodbye!

In addition to being super talented, Caitlin has a fantastic book coming out this Halloween! It’s a middle grade graphic novel through Dark Horse Comics about a haunted music school.

It’s called The Hundredth Voice and more info is here: (Pre-order yours here, or through your favorite store!)

And follow Caitlin on Twitter or on Insta!

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