Monday's Guest Artist: Wes Molebash of "You'll Have That"

Sunday, April 27, 2008 - 09:00 PM

First things first: Wes Molebash's awesome strip, today, is based upon THIS absolutely brilliant YouTube video, which I'm sure you've seen. (And if you haven't, go watch it now, then re-read the strip.) I absolutely love how Wes even mimicked the physical nuances: Look at Flaco's fingers around the cup in panel 2. That's brilliant subtlety, right there. He captures the feel of it so perfectly.

Wes creates the fantastic strip You'll Have That — which is one of those strips I wish *I* had created. In fact, my cartooning friends Kris and Scott are always suggesting I start a second, semi-autobiographical strip about my wife and I...but I always think "Wes is already doing it — and he's doing it better than I could ever do it." :)

So please check out Wes' work if you haven't dived in yet, and please make sure you drop him a note to thank him for today's awesomeness!

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