Aaaaaand, we're back!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008 - 09:26 PM

Hey-o! Back to our regularly scheduled programming of all-Sheldon, all-the-time!

As I plunk myself back down in front of my drawing desk, I have to admit it's a wonderful thing. And a necessary thing! There are lots of projects to get to work on. Here are a few of the ones I'll be talking more about in the days ahead:

1.) The next "Sheldon" book cover should be done in a week or two, and will be fun to share with you... as it's a slightly different approach than past books. So keep an eye out for that.

2.) We'll be doing our first Sheldon poster, based on this strip, after many, many requests from Sheldonistas. I'm going to be reworking it, to make it more... "posterly".

3.) Emerald City Comic-Con is coming up, May 10-11th, in Seattle. I am so dang excited for that show, and to meet all the Sheldonistas that have dropped me a line saying they're coming. And just a reminder: All original art will be $25-off at the Emerald City show, so if you had your eye on one strip...drop me a line to make sure I bring it.

4.) And don't think I've forgotten about the tagline contest we had a few weeks back! As you can imagine, (new) life took over recent events...but we're going to be circling back around on the tagline in the days and weeks ahead. :)

5.) Also! I've successfully recorded the creation of a Sheldon strip using multiple cameras...but man-oh-man, I have, like, zero time to learn how to edit it up using iMovie (Which, admittedly, is super easy to learn to use.) So, while the *film* is ready, the *editing* might take me a while to get to. But I will get to it, eventually, I promise!

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