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Monday, December 28, 2009 - 08:52 PM

Sheldon-reader Michael D. sent in this fantastic shot of his two lads opening their Sheldon books on Christmas morning. There's nothing about this photo that doesn't make me happy. It's a rare and wonderful thing thing, as a cartoonist, to see the reactions folks have to your cartoons...and these two guys just about made my year with their expressions.

Next up, Sheldonista Laurie S. sent in pics of her husband John opening his Sheldon books and Flaco "Squee" shirt. She also mentioned that "... he has a follow-up appointment with his shoulder surgeon today and he informed me last night that he was going to wear his SQUEE shirt to the appointment which cracked me up." Provided he doesn't strike Flaco's pose from the shirt, John's shoulder should be OK.

And last but not least, Victor K. sends in this photo of his (wonderfully) framed Sheldon original. It's one of my favorites...from when Arthur was so hot, he talks like a Bulgarian.

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