New Prints in the Sheldon Store!

Saturday, July 31, 2010 - 09:01 AM

Whaaaat?! 3 new prints in the Sheldon Store, you say? Tell me more!


So, you remember this strip from a few weeks back? It was one of the most popular strips I've ever done. And I got so many requests for a print of this, I figured, "heck yeah all right let's do this." <---My exact words.


The second print is for everyone who plays Fantasy Football or D&D (...or, who has to *deal* with someone who plays Fantasy Football or D&D). This used to be a convention exclusive, but now it's debuting in the online store!


The third print is for the coffee lovers, who will recognize that, What Coffee Giveth With One Hand, It Taketh Away With The Other. Namely: Energy. It's the "Coffee: Circle of Life" print!

All of the prints are professionally made on matte-finish photo paper, measure 12"x18", and look awesome.

We'll be doing a large run of them on this coming Friday, so please get your order in before then. Thanks!

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