Monday, September 20, 2010 - 09:57 AM

When I showed off her Sheldon collection a few blog posts ago, I thought Stacey was the clear winner...hands down. But Sheldon reader Melissa A. just e-mailed me with a pic of her own Sheldon collection, and daaaaang:

For those playing along at home, I see:
- All 7 Sheldon collections
- The Drive book
- The Pugs and Literature collections
- How To Make Webcomics
- My college collection, "A Well Balanced Meal" (It's rare: There were only like 2-3,000 of those ever made...like 15 years ago.)
- A Sheldon Sunday-sized original art
- A Sheldon daily-sized original art
- A poster
- A "Lucky Duck" t-shirt
- Sheldon buttons
- Aaaand a personalized sketch, it looks like! probably from a convention, I'd imagine.

Lordy Lord, Melissa! Lordy Lord!

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