Savannah: Watch this Space!

Thursday, October 21, 2010 - 06:32 PM

EDITED! MONDAY NIGHT is the big night!

So, I'm in Savannah to lecture on comics at SCAD and drop in on a few sequential art classes.

But! While I'm there, I'm giving a bigger talk on comics and webcomics...and hot buttered ham you should come!

The talk is at 6PM at The Pirate's Head, and it's open to the public, but there's a max capacity of 150 people. After the talk, I'll be signing and sketching free for everyone (I don't have books with me, so it's more of a "bring the Sheldon books you have" kinda thing), followed by a possible stroll down to Leopold's ice cream for amazing ice cream.

So! To review:
- Monday night, 6PM
- The Pirate's Head, maximum 150 people
- Free sketches, etc, to follow
- Possible group stroll for ice cream at Leopold's
- Hugs

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