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3-D Continuum Ship

One of my absolutely favorite things, MY ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE THINGS, is when folks build 3-D versions of ships in Drive. And out of nowhere, this week, I had not one but two readers take up the challenge.

So over the next few Drive updates, I’m going to show you their work. First up, William Knechtel took a crack at a Continuum Cruiser. And frankly, I think he nailed it.

That is *not* an easy ship to model: Tons of slow, arching curves and organic, aquatic shapes. And William nailed it!

On his turnarounds, I gave him a few tiny notes on details of the ship that only I’d know, and he’s excited to implement them. So I’ll show you his end result when it’s ready!

And in thanks for being such a great fan of the strip, I’m sending William all three Drive books, signed, sketched in, and personalized. Thanks, William, for taking a crack at it! You rocked it!