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A Few Notes for a Tuesday

1.) The winner of our first Scavenger Hunt, Greg, sent me a nice follow-up note today. Lots of folks were amazed that Greg found the square in only 14 minutes, so I thought it was worth it to share a bit of his e-mail:

“I guess staying up late reading web comics paid off for once. I
really just went back a couple years in the archives and started
reading until I saw the little square. I kept having to go back to your blog post as I read through the archives because I kept
forgetting what I was looking for.”

Now that we’re done with our first Scavenger Hunt, what did everyone think? Was it fun? Should we do it again sometime? Once or twice a year? Lemme know!

2.) I try to make it a point to answer every e-mail I get, but after a bit of weekend travel and a few pending projects, I’m a little behind! My apologies if you’ve e-mailed and haven’t heard back: I’ll definitely catch back up by Thanksgiving.

3.) Today’s strip has a nice echo to this strip (one of my all-time favorites). I had to return to this concept sooner or later…I just love it when Flaco has to explain something at length.

4.) Speaking of Flaco, I love that the one navy in the world he ended up with is the Bulgarian Navy. “The Bulgarian Navy: Kickin’ Butt and Takin’ Names on the Black Sea, Since 1878.”

5.) And finally, a quick bit of future news to file in the back of your brain for later: Sheldon Book Four Is Coming!