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A Well Balanced Meal

This will be a treat for one true-blue fan of the strip: It’s the first appearance of Sheldon anywhere!

Sheldon, you see, originally appeared as one of four characters in my college strip, “Four Food Groups of the Apocalypse.” That strip was collected into book form in 1996, titled “A Well Balanced Meal.” You can see Sheldon on the cover, there:

4,000 copies were printed up, but sold out pretty quickly…and remaining copies are very hard to find — even for me! But I recently found a few pristine, pristine copies, and decided to part with one.

So if you’re interested in it, I started the bidding at $.01, as I’d rather have you guys decide what it’s worth. And if you’d like, I’m happy to put a signed, personalized sketch in there for you.