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Announcement: The Next Book!

It’s awesome-time, my friends.

I’m really excited to announce the next book collection in the Sheldon-verse: Pugs: God’s Little Weirdos. It’s a special collection of every pug strip that ever appeared in “Sheldon”…plus some extra pug-related stuff only found in this book. Essentially, it’s a collection custom-made for dog-lovers…or for people who love dog-lovers…or for people who have to live next door to dog-lovers. Perhaps even for the dogs themselves. 🙂

Let me show you a bit of it. Here’s a shot of the cover and the title page:

In addition to all the collected strips, there’s sort of a book-within-a-book: An expanded, reformatted version of Oso’s recent stand-alone adventure, “Little Lost Pug,” with some added stuff not seen online:

The book will be premiering at San Diego Comic-Con, and will be available online one week later in the Sheldon Store.

Then, in mid-August, we’ll be having the big book-launch party in Beverly Hills. Aaaaaand, as of right now, it looks like the free drinks will be sponsored by Coppola Wines! Not too shabby!

Also, just because it’s a ridiculous picture, I thought I’d share this shot of me and the little tornado who inspired this book: Our family pug Payaso. About five minutes after this photo was taken, I believe he had shredded another couch pillow. Such is the joy of pugs.