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Artist’s Edition Books

In the past, I’ve worked hard to put a sketch in every single book sold to every single reader. It’s been great to get e-mails from folks saying how cool their sketch was, and how cherished it is in their house. But the number of sold Sheldon books is starting to exceed my abilitiy to keep up with that extra workload of sketches. And I hate the idea that, as this workload increases, some folks would randomly GET a sketch, and some folks randomly WOULDN’T. So going forward, I’m going to handle sketched-in books a different way. Starting with “The Good, The Bad and The Pugly”, I’m going to limit the number of sketched-in books to a very select group of “Artist’s Editions”.

For “The Good, The Bad, & The Pugly”, there will only be 250 of these special editions. They will be stamped, hand-numbered, autographed, and will feature a unique-to-your-book, original sketch. And once they’re sold out, that’s it. You won’t be able to get a sketch in your Pugly book when you buy online.

Sheldon Newsletter Subscribers got first crack at ordering these 250 books, starting late Monday night. But on Thursday night, Artist’s Editions will be opened up for sale to everyone else. I have no idea how fast these 250 copies will go, but I do know this: if you were sent the special link via the Sheldon newsletter…don’t wait. Order your copy today.

And remember: these pre-ordered Artist’s Editions will be the first shipped out when the books arrive Dec. 1st!


Just in case you have questions, here are a few I’ve tried to anticipate:

1.) Will Artist’s Editions be worth more over time?

That’s the hope. In limiting the amount of books with sketches in them, I hope to increase the value of the Artist’s Edition that you own.

2.) Will Artist’s Editions cost more?

Yes: they’ll cost an additional $10 for the additional time, effort, and value. Also keep in mind: you’re helping to keep the lights on at Sheldon with your support!

3.) If the 250 copies run out before I can get mine, is there really no chance of getting an Artist’s Edition from the Sheldon Store later?

Not from the Sheldon store. You may be able to pick one up from an online auction site down the line, of course.

4.) C’mon…please?? It’s my cousin’s birthday/wedding/Bar Mitzvah/graduation! You really won’t put a sketch in my copy of “The Good, The Bad and The Pugly”?

Nope. You’ll never again have the opportunity to get a sketch in your online order. Your only chance for a sketch, once these are sold out, is to catch me in person at a future appearance, where I’ll put un-numbered sketches in books.

5.) Will you still be *signing* books sold online?

I’ll happily continue to sign every single book sold in the Sheldon store. It’s the least I can do to say thank you for supporting Sheldon! But sketches will only be available online in the limited Artist’s Editions.

6.) Can I pick what will be sketched in my Artist’s Edition? Can you sign it to so-and-so?

Due to the logistics of 250 sketches mailing out to 250 people, I’m afraid not.

7.) With these Artist’s Editions, does this mean you’re no longer putting sketches in copies of Pure Ducky Goodness that are bought online?

Yes. But there will be one more window of opportunity in January for Pure Ducky Goodness buyers. For folks that haven’t yet bought a copy, there’ll be a limited opportunity to get an Artist’s Edition PDG.

To summarize: I really want to make these limited Artist’s Editions something you’ll treasure, and something that’s of increased value. So if you were aching for a sketch in your book, order your signed and sketched “Artist’s Edition” now!

Have more questions? Ask them HERE. Thanks!