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Baltimore Comic-Con This Weekend!

Baltimore residents! Baltimore-adjacent residents! People-a-good-distance-away-from-Baltimore-but-who’d-still-be-willing-to-commute-in! Come on out to the Baltimore Comic-Con this weekend!

I’ll be there both days of the show at booth #2003 with my compadres Kris Straub and Brad Guigar, and across the aisle from our fourth compadre Scott Kurtz.

If you’re coming, and want me to bring a specific Sheldon original art to purchase at the convention sale of $25-off, please e-mail me and I’ll be sure to bring it along. 🙂

For those coming, I’ve put together a one-page, printable Sheldon guide to the show. Click HERE for the full-size, printable file, or click the image below.

The “How to Make Webcomics” book is up for a Harvey Award at the show, but we’re up against a book about Jack Kirby, so we’re under no illusions. But! Hopefully I’ll get a gift basket of Arby’s “Underdog” glasses like last year, so I can give them to Brad Guigar’s sons. 🙂