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Beta-Testin’ the new Sheldon Forum!

On Tuesday, the good folks at Dumbrella Hosting started to bring the new Sheldon Forum live for Beta-testing.

The new forum features two (Two!) ways to comment:

1.) Like the old forum, you can start any discusion you’d like at the forum hub, here.

2.) Aaaaand, you will now be able to post directly to the blog posts, right down there. See it? That blue bit?

The two different methods are tied into the same forum system, which is kinda neat. I’m hopeful that “post-to-the-blog” feature will be a fun one for Sheldonistas to chime in on and read (…as I very often get e-mails that would be more fun to share with the world.)

The new forum is up on it’s feet and running well so far in Beta-testing, but there is one kink in the signup process that I should mention. Right now, the system assumes you’re signing up for the daily “Sheldon-by-Email” deliveries — so for the next few days it involves one additional signup step:

1.) Sign up here.

2.) The system will send you a confirmation e-mail to make sure you’re a human being and not a spambot.

3.) Once you’re confirmed, just go
here to make sure you’re not also signed up for Sheldon-by-Email deliveries (…this step is the kink that needs to be fixed).

Worth noting: If you’re a current user of Sheldon-by-Email deliveries, you can start posting to the forum right away using your current user login.

Also worth noting: We’ll keep the old forum up for a few months, as a “read-only” type thing. Thanks to Bookworm Computing and Blank Label Comics for hosting the old one in this interim time — very kind of them both!