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Book Launch Party: THIS SUNDAY!

Big reminder of the big shindig:

This Sunday, Aug. 22nd, The Crescent Lounge, Peligroso tequila and Steaz energy drinks are hosting the book launch party for the new “Literature” and “Drive” books — and you’re totally invited!

There are FREE drinks from Peligroso Tequila and Steaz, FREE sketches from yours truly, aaaaand FREE contest give-aways at 9PM. It’s gonna be pretty dang rad.

It all takes place in Beverly Hills, at the very cool Crescent Lounge (see below pic). It’s free and open to all Sheldon readers, family and friends…so come on out!

Here’s a Q&A that anticipates your every need:

1.) Wait: You’re being serious…there’ll be free drinks? YES.
2.) And free sketches? YES.
3.) Will there be free high-fives? UNDOUBTEDLY.
4.) Will the new books be available for purchase there? YES: THAT’S WHERE YOUR FREE SKETCHES GO!
5.) Will there be much awesomeness? ONLY IF YOU ATTEND. THIS CAN NOT BE STRESSED ENOUGH.
6.) I’m in! Now how do I get there?
The address for the Crescent Lounge is: 403 N. Crescent Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. Here is their site, and here’s a Google Map you can use for directions.

7.) Is there a Facebook Event page for this? SURE, WHY NOT.