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Cambrian-Age Explosions in Magazine Biodiversity

I happened to walk by a huuuuge newsstand recently — the kind with 10,000 different magazines on the racks — and couldn’t help thinking: “Do we really need a ‘Knitter’s Magazine’, a ‘Simply Knitting Magazine’, a ‘Vogue Knitting Magazine’, and a ‘Creative Knitting Magazine’?” Do we really?

Have we reached the point not just of hyper-specialization in our magazine selections, but of just plain ol’ fashioned need-a-boot-up-the-rear ridiculousness?

And then my second thought was: “Where the heck is the VC money coming to launch that fourth knitting magazine?” That would’ve been a helluva pitch meeting to sit in on…..

“Ladies and gentlemen, the market needs Creative Knitting Magazine. The market is crying out for Creative Knitting Magazine. Ladies and gentlemen, won’t you give us the 6 million dollars to fill that void?”