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Christmas Gift-Givin’ Sale!

For everyone startin’ in on their Christmas shopping, here are two awesome deals on Sheldon stuff starting today!

1.) $10 copies of “Pure Ducky Goodness”! From today until Dec. 18th, the price on Pure Ducky Goodness is just $10! It’s a great way to get your friends and family in on the laughs you’ve been forwarding them by e-mail. Aaaaand you save $5! BAM: You’ve just become the best gift-giver ever. (It’s also a good way to start *your* collection, if you’ve never picked up a Sheldon book!)

2.) Free Shipping on Original Art: I may regret this if a whole bunch of people start ordering from Mongolia, but here goes: Between now and Dec 18th, free shipping on Original Art…anywhere in the world. Use the site’s search function to type in your favorite punchline, keywords, characters, or strip. Then, once you’ve located it, click the blue “Buy Today’s Original Art” text under that comic.

(Still can’t find the strip you’re looking for? Just e-mail me directly.)