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Comic Recommendation o’ the Month

Fellow Los Angeleno cartoonist (and new dad!) Kazu Kibuishi has a new book out: Copper. And after diving into my copy at home, I wanted to highly recommend it to you all: It’s a wonderful, wonderful read.

It’s one of those rare, all-ages comics that is both a visual and life-affirming joy to read. There’s a sweetness to it, and an beautifully drawn line quality that adds a sense of excitement.

And Kazu is, without doubt, one of the most talented cartoonists I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. If his studio wasn’t on the exact opposite side of LA from mine, I would be over there every day bothering him, watching how he works — he’s just fantastically talented.

So! Whether you’re a librarian, a teacher, or just a lover of comics looking for a good read, I highly recommend it.