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Contest Announcement: Do You Own the Funniest Pug?

It’s contest time! Time to find out if your pug is, in fact, the funniest pug in the world.

Here’s why: I recently told our family pug that he was the funniest pug in the world. But as I watched him chew a sock while scooting across the kitchen floor on his stomach… I thought to myself: “Is he the funniest pug? Is he really? Or did I lie to him? …is there a funnier pug out there?”

And that’s when it hit me: We need a contest. We need to find the funniest pug alive, and settle the matter once and for all.

So fire up your video cameras or start snapping photos. Cause the only way to prove that your pug is the funniest is by photo or short video.

Here’s How to Enter:

1.) Only 3 photos (or) 1 under-two-minute video per entrant. If you own 10 pugs, or have 10,000 hilarious photos to choose from, you have to narrow it down to your favorite 3 photos or your favorite <2 min. video.

2.) Both the pug, and the photos/video you submit, must be your own. (No trawling the internet for the funniest photo you can find. We’ll know if it’s not yours.)

3.) Your submission must be posted (or linked to) from HERE, in the Sheldon forum.

4.) All submissions must be posted by midnight (PST) on June 30th.

5.) I will choose the 10 funniest entries by July 2nd, and put them up for a public vote on the forums.

6.) Following a three-day public vote, the winner will be announced July 5th!

7.) The winner will walk away not only with public praise and adulation…they’ll also get an awesome, personalized, frame-able sketch of their pug, plus a free signed copy of the second Sheldon book: “The Good, The Bad & The Pugly”.

So fire up those cameras! And start sewing up that pug Klingon outfit you’ve been talking about! ‘Cause the world needs to know that your pug is the funniest!