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Day Two: Electric Boogaloo

Thank you to everyone who e-mailed or posted with kind words about the move to these new digs. I didn’t realize just how much some of you despised the pop-ups, site design, and limited archives at comics.com…or I would’ve left ages ago.

But forget about the old stuff, let’s talk about the new stuff!

1.) STORE SALE: To test out our new packing-and-shipping procedures, we’re having a $6-off sale on PURE DUCKY GOODNESS

That price is the lowest it’s gonna go before the holidays, and it only lasts until Friday…so get your copy on the cheap before it returns to the normal price.

2.) BREAKING THINGS IS GOOD NEWS: On day one, the volume of folks plowing through the Sheldon archives broke the Blank Label adservers. That’s a good thing! A really good thing! The BLC ad system regularly serves ads to 20 million + webpages a month…so you did good by breaking it in one day! Thanks for loving the strip as much as you do — that means a lot to me.

3.) SITE HICCUPS: We’re fixing all the little hiccups from day one, but do let me know if you find anything that looks out of place.

4.) PLEASE KEEP SPREADING THE WORD: You may have heard that Comics.com edited out my notice to Sheldon readers, telling them that Sheldon was moving. That could mean thousands of Sheldon readers can’t find the strip in the move. Please don’t let this happen. Help get the word out by posting on your blog, your site, and your favorite bulletin boards, telling folks that Sheldon is now out https://sheldoncomics.com.

Trust me, your help can make a difference.

And more than anything else, thank you. Thanks for the kind words, thanks for sticking with the strip through the move, and thanks for being such exceptionally hip and attractive people.


PS: Sale! Woo-hoo!