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Double-Dose of Drive

Good news! All throughout April, we’re going to have two Drives a week…all thanks to the game masters at
Star Pirates! See, the folks at Star Pirates are huge fans of the strip, and like you — they were jonesing for more of the story.

And when they read that I had to take time off from Drive in order to manage my obligations on Stripped and Sheldon, they had a proposal. What if they sponsored Drive for a whole month, to make sure a whole big chunk of the story could spin out? It’s a brilliant idea…and guys, it’s happening all throughout April.

So while you’re enjoying the double-dose of DRIVE, give Star Pirates a go! It’s an in-browser space MMO you can play anywhere for free. You play as a star pirate, scratching out a living mining asteroids, raiding other players’ ships for cargo, or teaming up for fleet-on-fleet combat! There are even fleets named after factions in the Drive universe…which I’ve always thought was super cool!