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Drawing Fonts

“Comic Sans” just looks like a font that would have a lisp.

He just seems like the kind of font that would constantly be pushing his glasses back up his nose…and lisping about how he used to love doing “Picture Pages” with Bill Cosby…all the while arranging his Dungeons and Dragons commemorative keepsake cups from Burger King. A class-A doofus, essentially.

In the process of drawing today’s strip, I went through about half a dozen potential sketches of what Comics Sans personified should look like. Mainly, I tried anthropomorphizing the font itself. But a bent and twisted font — especially when hand-drawn — quickly becomes something that looks entirely unlike itself.

So, finally, I just decided that a white, square scrap of paper — with the font name written on it — would have to do. There are times when the simplest of simple character designs are not just the better solution — they’re the only solution. Giving a font anthropomorphized looks, and still maintaining its inherent “fontness”, is perhaps beyond its original design specifications. “Times New Roman” wasn’t designed to wave its anthropomorphized hands around.

Much to my chagrin.