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Family Visits

Isn’t that just like family? They pop in, stir up all sorts of doubts about your path in life, and zoom right off again. At least they didn’t steal the Machito right out from under Fernando: They seem to have a propensity for that.

There’s still a lot we don’t know about the Tres Primos. What’s *their* ultimate goal? What was their past that got them to the point they’re at? How did they cross paths with Fernando’s father? And what’s all this about Fernando’s father in the first place? Oh, so many delicious questions.


Saturday’s was the final installment of the weekly double-dose-of-Drive. I really have to thank the sci fi-lovin’ folks at Star Pirates for the site sponsorship. It was immensely fun to advance the storyline over the past month. And it’s a high compliment to have a company love the strip enough that they’d want to support the site to see more.

If you enjoyed the extra Drive installments, you can thank Star Pirates by trying out their free, in-browser space MMO. In the game, you’re a Star Pirate trying to eke out a living mining asteroids, raiding other players’ ships for cargo, or teaming up for fleet-on-fleet combat! You can even play as La Familia…which I think is prit-ty rad.